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Thai Railway

Thai Railways Top Image

 There is National Railways in Thailand, and the route of about 4,000 kilometers has been expanded to whole land centering on Bangkok Metropolis. In the whole line non-electrification, the diesel railcar train is also driven. It is a passenger car train to which window surroundings placed the vehicle where wainscot was painted on blue in cream color in a line. The price of Thai National Railways is cheap and view from bogie window is real picture of travel.

It can enjoy scenery with the pastoral landscape and air such as prairies. It might be also interested to take sleeper train, and look at morning sun from dining car.


 There is a branch local route that separated from the main route though there are four main routes in Thai National Railways. It is an outline of four main routes.

    thai railways map

    It is a route where a Thai part in the Malay railway where Bangkok is connected to Singapore. The railway track is split at Hat Yai which is the biggest city in the Southern part, the south main line east line goes to Sungai-Kolok, and the south main line west goes to Padang Besar.


    It is a route where Bangkok Metropolis is connected with Chiangmai where is the biggest city in Northern Thai area. Because it is a route that is connected with a historical city, Chiangmai where a lot of visitors visit to trek of mountains folk. A lot of classman trains often are driven, and to be turned on a state-of-the-art vehicle.


    It is a route to town Aranya Prathet at a Cambodian boarder. The train is driven as round trips twice a day.


    It consists of the north line of the northeast main line to Nong Khai and the south line of the north east main line is Ubon Ratchathani.

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How to buy Thai Railway Ticket

  • Price
    H.I.S. Bangkok branch was specified for railway ticket reservation and handling of issuing train tickets trade by Thai National Railways in January, 2003. It is a regular handling specification shop, so charges is same as the HuaLumphong Station.

    ** Please note that We will charge the arrangement fee on the ticket from 17th May 2010. (50baht per one way ticket)
  • Reservation and issuing train ticket
    The Thai National Railways ticket should reserve and issue in the same time. Tickets cannot be issued later by putting the reservation in advance.

    Customers who hope for reservation and issue ticket, please visit to our office. The vacant seat situation is examined with a reservation terminal system and ticket is issued then and there. (There is a route that cannot be issued on the same day by Thai National Railways regulations). Reservation by phone call, fax, and e-mail are not received.

    Inquiries : 02-264-6899 or yoyaku@histours.co.th

    We do not handle the Malay railway ticket from the Butterworth station now.
Cancellation charge
The day of cancelletion / changing
(Reckoning the day before of departure day)
Cancellation /
Changing charge
After issuing to 4 days ago 50%
Three days before after tickets is issued to before one hour leaving (The thing that can be canceled one hour ago is a condition from the Bangkok branch to Thai National Railways.) 75%
After before one hour departure 100%

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